11 Best Solar Powered Led Strip Lights For Better Decoration

LED strips have been here for years and are used by households and businesses for aesthetic lighting. Initial designs relied on electric grid systems for power, coming to life at night in theatres and indoor and outdoor lighting. 

However, with the global campaign to curb climate change and minimize carbon footprint, people are turning to cleaner renewable energy. Technology has made it possible to power various lighting systems, and LED strip lights have not been left behind.

Today, you can install solar-powered LED strip lights in your backyard, garden, or swimming pool. You can also install these lightings aesthetic purposes at your restaurant or business to appeal to your clients. 

Besides their eco-friendliness, solar-powered LED strip lights are cost-effective, reducing your electricity bill and improving your bottom line. 

However, with so many options of these LED strip lights available in the market, how do you the best ones for you?

This blog post highlights the top 10 best solar LED strip lights you can install at your home or business. 

MY TOP PICK: I suggest you choose Brightech solar-powered led strip light as it is one of the highly rated solar-powered led strip lights available on the market and offers the best value for your money.

1- Anordsem Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

Anordsem solar-powered led strip light is one of the best LED strip lights with top performance. They are best suited to large-capacity solar panels and can fully charge in six hours if the sunlight is strong. 

Most people prefer installing it for indoor and outdoor decorations at home, including the shed, stair, kitchen area, wood deck, fence, and roof. 

Anordsem solar-powered led strip lights come with 12 monthly free warranty. And for optimal results, install it in a sunny place facing south to make sure that they have sufficient battery life. 

2- DBFAIRY Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

The DBFAIRY solar-powered led strip lights are also dusk to dawn auto on/off solar lights, which will automatically go off at daybreak. Therefore, they are easy to maintain since you will not need to switch them on and off daily; it automatically does that. 

Other DBFAIRY LED strip light modes like Twinkle or Flash of 8 are also easy to install, allowing you to press the button on the solar panels to set your favorite lighting mode. 

When DBFAIRY LED strip lights are fully charged, they can last between 8 and 20 hours. The longest length of this LED strip is 32.8 ft, but you can always cut it to fit your space if you feel it is long. 

3- Brightech Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

The Brightech solar-powered led strip lights stand out due to their waterproof ability, meaning they can be installed in places with water without fear of damage. 

Additionally, it has multiple settings to enhance your lighting. For instance, you can set them as static or sparkling with a memory function.

This means that the LED strip light remembers this setting to use whenever it automatically turns on at dusk. You do not need to redo the settings daily; Auto-on will kick in at dusk and go off at dawn.

Brightech solar-powered led strip lights provide a bright warm glow that allows you and your family to walk around the front and backyard comfortably. The lighting is not so bright that it kills the mood and calm ambiance or bothers the neighbors. 

Even if it rains or water splashes on the LED strip, you are not worried about your LED; they are waterproof. They charge throughout the day and will not need battery backup or a plug to keep them lit at night.

4- Echosari Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

Echosari solar LED strip comes with self-adhesive tape on the back, so you do not need to install wiring. Furthermore, they have adjustable length, allowing you to fit them in any space since you can always cut them if you feel they are longer. 

Where can Echosari solar LED strip fit in your home? You can add luster to your roof, sidewalk, backyard, patio, cabinets, bedroom window, and indoor-outdoor decorations.

Large solar panels support them with an in-built capacity of 1800 MAH Battery. The Echosari solar-powered led strip lights can fully charge the LED strip in 6 hours when there is strong sunlight, powering the strip between 8 and 20 hours. 

5- Awinking Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

This solar-powered LED strip light depends on larger solar panels to store more energy. Awinking LED strip light takes approximately 8 hours to fully charge when the sunlight is strong and can light for between 10 and 12 hours. That is enough to take throughout the night until dawn. 

Awinking LED strip light is 19.6 ft long, with bright and attractive lighting that creates a warm and relaxing ambiance for your space. 

The auto ON/OFF setting allows the lights to switch off during the day for it to charge and on at dusk for lighting. These built-in sensors ensure energy is saved during the day for night lighting. 

Since it is IP65 waterproof rated, it is suitable for wedding party décor, Christmas holiday décor, birthday party, and seasonal décor. You can also use them to create a relaxing ambiance on your projects. 

6- Homeleo Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

The Homeleo solar-powered led strip light comes with a cut design, allowing you to fit it to your desired length. The part that joins the solar panel will continue to work even after cutting the LED strip.

With multiple settings, you can have varied lighting combinations such as slow fade, sequential, twinkle, and steady on.

Moreover, you will not need to install wiring for the Homeleo solar-powered led strip lights because they have a self-adhesive tape design to attach wherever you want.

You can easily install them outdoors by the pool, patio deck, pathway, stair step, chicken coop, pergola, porch, balcony, and railing. 

7- LOGUIDE Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

This modern solar-powered LED strip light has 560 bright 2835 LEDs. It has 8-mode lighting, including flash, twinkle, steady on, chasing flash, etc. These features provide you with warm and bright illumination. 

LOGUIDE solar-powered led strip light is one of the most efficient solar-powered LED strip lights. It is fitted with a sophisticated and adjustable solar panel and a rechargeable battery, which means it does not need electricity or an external power storage battery. 

Like other modern solar-enabled LED strips, LOGUIDE solar-powered led strip light has an automatic switch that turns it on at dusk and off at dawn. It can serve your night between 8 and 10 hours when fully charged. 

With IP67, LOGUIDE solar-powered led strip lights can withstand weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sun. You can install them in the pool without fearing short circuits or damage. 

8- Uniontang Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

The Uniontang solar-powered led strip lights are Christmas, and the snow is starting to fall; worry not; this LED strip can serve as an excellent décor. 

Since it is flexible, it is easy to install in various locations. For instance, you can wrap it around plants, shrubs, flowers, and greenery. 

If you have a party or a wedding, you can use Uniontang solar LED strip light for decoration to add pomp and color to your celebrations. It can also help decorate the garden, fence, patio, backyard, porch, roof, etc. 

Uniontang solar LED strip light is equipped with dimmable lighting, which means the lights are adjustable. You can set the strip on different brightness levels ranging from 25% to 100%, thus giving your yard or pool a delightful appearance. 

9- Windpnn Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

If you are looking for an LED strip that gives your space a spectacular blue hue recognized from far, turn to Windpnn LED strip light

They come with a self-adhesive feature at the back to attach to the clean surface. Therefore, it is easy to install once you have identified the media you want to mount it on. 

Windpnn solar outdoor strip lights are flexible, small, and thin, making them easy to fit in areas where you cannot fit other LED strips.

Furthermore, they are eco-friendly and cost-effective, saving money that would be spent on electricity bills. They are 19.8 ft long with 180 bright LEDs, but you can cut them to fit your preferred length. 

10- JMEXSUSS Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

JMEXSUSS solar-powered led strip lights are IP65 waterproof, meaning they can endure outdoors but not submerged in water. The light sensors allow the strips to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, thus saving power. 

You can also select between its 8 working modes to achieve your desired needs. Moreover, they have cuttable designs which allow you to cut their length to fit the space you want without fear of damage. 

You do not need to struggle to cut the LED strip; you can simply snip them at the provided line. The remaining part connected to the battery will continue to function even after the cut. 

Where can you fit JMEXSUSS solar-powered led strip lights? They are perfect for bedroom window decoration, Christmas decorations, walkways, sidewalks, patios, fences, back yards, roofs, pergolas, and indoor and outdoor decorations. 

11- LORRYTE Solar Powered Led Strip Lights

LORRYTE solar-powered led strip lights come with unique 8 Lighting Modes and memory functions, including an auto On/Off and IP65 Waterproof Performance.

LORRYTE led strip lights are also solar-powered, you just need to place the battery panel in a sunny area, and the light will automatically turn on at night.

Furthermore, the LORRYTE solar-powered led strip light is excellent both indoors and outdoors, and you can use these lights to elevate the beauty of your patio, garden, porch, yard, tree, wedding, party, or even restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Solar-powered LED lights are the real deal for anyone who wants to save on electricity bills and go green. The lighting industry is inundated with various brands and models of solar LED lights; however, you do not need to be confused about which one to select.

I recommend you pick Brightech solar-powered led strip lights as it is one of the best solar-powered led strip lights available on the market

This guide has outlined some tested solar-powered LED lights that can easily suit your space. Furthermore, you can dive deep into the internet and check out reviews of other brands.

You can learn something from other buyers who have used certain LED strips. Reviews can help you make an informed decision even if you have never used solar-powered LED strip lights. 


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